I wrote a list of cyberpunk topics (assisted by my boyfriend). These are the unsettling innovations that I aim to keep talking about!


  • transhumanism / biohacking / cyborgs
  • the quantified self (health and behavioral data)
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • androids and other personified robots
Sketch of a broken cyborg by Apo Xen.

Sketch by Apo Xen.


  • virtual and augmented realities
  • immersive digital worlds (video games, forums, etc)
  • the effects of climate change and other slow-motion natural disasters
  • automation of labor and production; non-humanoid robots

Government & Power

  • corporatism
  • surveillance; post-privacy social mores
  • extreme inequality
  • the military-industrial and prison-industrial complexes
  • cryptocurrency

I said “unsettling innovations”, but “invigorating” is also true. Contemplating the future-present gets my blood running! Exolymph hasn’t explored all of these topics yet, which is part of why having a list may prove useful. What else do you think should be included?

Also, perhaps you’ve noticed that other people are welcome to contribute to Exolymph. Way Spurr-Chen and Ken Rodriguez both wrote essays; Pythagorx offered a short story. If you’re excited about any of these topics or have another cyberpunk idea, please hit reply and we can discuss including it in the newsletter. Non-text creations are especially desired!

Additions from Webster Wade:

  • 3D printing
  • open-source software
  • Internet of Things
  • sharing economy
  • possibility of neuroware
  • nanobots

Something else I thought of:

  • food replacements (Soylent, Schmilk, etc)