The responses to my recent ennui-fueled dispatch were very encouraging and helpful. Ironically, having a bunch of you tell me that it’s okay to take a break made me feel more energetic and enthusiastic. I’m gonna play it by ear. Thank you for bearing with me.

Another thing that surprised me is how many people said they’d still be interested if I took a more links-links approach. I guess y’all don’t subscribe to 2342424314134 other newsletters like I do?

If you like links, I wanna take the opportunity to plug Glitchet, which is curated by my friend Way Spurr-Chen. You might also like Exponential View by Azeem Azhar or the Meshed Society newsletter. Part of the reason why I’ve always shied away from focusing on links is that others are out there doing a killer job already.

Lastly, here’s a relevant article that I wrote for work: Kik, the chat app, is launching its own cryptocurrency.