Perhaps you’ve noticed the radio silence. I apologize for not sending anything last week.

I keep hoping that my verve will come back. So far it hasn’t. I thought changing Exolymph’s editorial direction would do the trick! But no dice. Whenever I sit down to write this newsletter, I just feel depleted. I feel like I have nothing to say.

My best guess is that I’ve been using up all my creative energy at work. Having a full-time journalism job means writing way more frequently than I ever did when I was freelancing, plus other responsibilities. So I think all my energy is going to that.

I’m not sure about how best to proceed. I feel like the most practical thing is to go on hiatus. I already paused my Patreon — those of you who support it won’t get charged when July rolls around. I set a calendar reminder to re-pause it (because of course I have to do that) before August starts.

I could turn Exolymph into a “here’s what I wrote at work plus some interesting links” newsletter, but that feels wrong. That wasn’t what I set out to do, nor is it what you signed up for.

So… hiatus? What do you think? How would you prefer for me to cope with my dearth of inspiration and drive?